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Do I Want a Custom Window?

Design the art of your dreams! Custom stained glass artwork is created especially with your ideas and colors in mind. This versatile art is beautiful in any room in the house as a free-hanging piece of art in a window or as a room divider. Create a dramatic entry while still maintaining privacy with a custom front door or sidelight, or bring more light and color into a room when installing a window in your skylight.

Let’s create something beautiful together!

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Need Ideas? These are just a few of the beautiful custom windows already designed and constructed:

Takin’ A Drink

24” x 30”
The desert in stained glass with copper yuccas. The frame is hand forged copper

Yin & Yang

44″ in Diameter
An artistic Southwestern perception on this doctor’s Yin and Yang business logo. The Moon and The Barrel Cactus are the Yin and the Yang.

 44″ x 19″
The coordinated sign for his practice. They hang in his reception office in Tucson, Arizona welcoming patients and visitors.

Mt. Lemmon Leaves

26” x 32”
After a fire raised Mt. Lemmon, Arizona in June 2003, the owners of this rebuilt home wanted to have color in their window rather than only seeing burnt tree stumps.

stained glass talavai tawa

Tawa – The Sun Kachina

28”  x  36”
These grace two entry doors on either side of the
Receptionist’s desk leading into Dental Offices

stained glass talavai tawa

Talavai – The Morning Singer

Talavai – The Morning Singer
28”  x  36”

Simply Diamonds

12”  x  60”
Celadon green to match the homes exterior

Rita Ranch Side Lite

This beautiful scene can be seen from the street and is at the left of the front door in Rita Ranch.

Southwest Deco

13”  x  55”
Privacy next to an entry door with an Indian blanket and art deco design

Southwest Skylight

26” x  34”
These panels were hinged to swing down for cleaning and back-lit for day or night enjoyment

Desert Rainbows

5” x  21” lower pane
5” x  26” upper pane
When I finished installing these windows, I enjoyed homemade pumpkin soup with the patron.

Aztec Warrior

20” in Diameter
Some think he’s a rabbit, others see him as a donkey but in actuality, I created him as a mythical Aztec.

Night Owl

16”  x  28”
The eyes are made especially to catch light first for an eerie appearance.
The frame is Cholla Wood with a braided leather hanger.

Beloved Best Friend

14” x 11” Oval
Our Best Friends also merit recognition and remembrance.

Portrait of a Horse

24”  x  20”
Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds – – All Pets can be portrayed in Stained Glass.

Reception Windows

A Pair of windows 14” in Diameter either side of the front door

Reception Windows

Welcoming colors of pinks, mild yellows pale blue and bevels in this formal reception area.

The Kiss

36″ in Diameter
This window was made for the Grand Prize for Silhouette Books.  The Author, Vickie Lewis Thompson, sponsored the prize of the kissing couple and made it an integral part of her book, “The Heartbreaker” It is featured on the book jacket.

Out and About

22” x 27”
Decorated copper overlay frame    

Secret Garden

17”  x  79”  Each
The western sun illuminates this latticework of  flowers in Tubac, Arizona

Sunset Moonrise

48”  x  48”
The owners of this window requested the sunset and moonrise to be depicted together, as they frequently see the combination from their deck in Longmont, Colorado

Perfectly Pastel

10”  x  42”   and   10”  x  32”
A soft beginning to a lovely home

Sweeping Skylight

21”  x  45”
Made especially for a wood carving artist in Arizona

Hummingbirds and Gladiolas

26” x 68”
Two overlaid iridized hummingbirds flitter around luscious purple gladiolus.

Nature’s Path

12”  x  81” Side    and    43”  x 8”  Above
Bringing nature into a spacious living room in a home next to the Tubac Golf Course.   These windows can be seen all along the walkway approaching the front door.

Atrium Door

22”  x  60”
Notice the pottery design spells the patron’s name: “Lawton”


18” x 24”
The fruits of abundance in a hand carved white birch frame
Carved corner leaf overlays and brass corner rounds


18” x 24”
The fruits of abundance in a hand carved white birch frame
Carved corner leaf overlays and brass corner rounds

Bountiful Fruit and Flowers

70” x 36”
Just in time for a Thanksgiving Family Reunion. The bounty of sustenance, beauty and family.    

Arizona State Flag

36″ x 24″
Made for a family that immigrated, celebrating their Citizenship.


30”  x  30”

Coordinating Windows for a Home Office

The two Circles are over the double entry doors. The rectangle is the transom window into his office.

You’re So Square

10”  Square
A Square placed on a Point to show off a stunning set of bevels with Purple and Turquoise.

Tiny Private Airplane Gift

6” x 6”
Purchased for a gentleman pilot by his fiancée

Love Birds

24” in diameter         
A Twenty Five Year Anniversary gift 

Hearts and Flowers

20”  x  24”


14” in Diameter
The Nautilus Shell, lined with mother-of-pearl, grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its  life, so has become a symbol for expansion and renewal.

Arizona Room Clerestory Windows - After

Sixteen Clerestory Windows     Bevels and Stained Glass
4 windows:  46 ¼ ”  x  15 ¼ ”
2 windows:  46 ¾”  x   15 ¼ “
2 windows:  34 ¼ “  x  15 ¼

Arizona Room Clerestory Windows - Before

Arizona Room in Sahuarita

Evergreen Castle

Evergreen Castle

One Hundred and Eleven bevels per each window
Twelve matching windows throughout the Castle