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Church Window Gallery

St. Augustine’s High School Chapel

In the first meeting with the representative overseeing the project, we stood staring at the lifeless green windows – a stark challenge to make this neglected chapel into a room of beauty to inspire meditation, thankfulness and prayer. The challenge of hundreds of hours of research, design and construction was accepted.

The commission was to create 57 window panels making up five columns around the chapel.  Four columns of twelve panels each and one column of nine panels over the emergency door. 

It would take time and thought to come up with an appealing theme of a beautiful scene, as they preferred not to have the standard window designs of saints and scripture quotes. Long hours were spent discussing various styles and designs.  The decision was a cross at the top of each column with leafy branches, lowering to a scene of mountains and foothills bracketed by trees.  The scene culminates with an oasis surrounded by wildflowers.  Each flower a depiction of a wildflower that grows in the Sonoran Desert.  

As with all projects, it began with a sketch. The initial sketch while we talked in the Chapel.


The First two panels in process.


The first two panels of the first column. Ready for installation.


Window Three in progress.


First Three Panels – Column One


Overview Layout of all five Window Columns


Panel Four Installation – Column One


Column One Completed



Candle –  Christ is the Light of the World and we, as the body of Christ, are to be a light that shines in the darkness of our world.

Fleur de Lisis a symbol for Mary, the Mother of God. It is also a form of the lily, symbolizing purity and because of its three petals has come to be a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

Burning Torch – Signifies witnessing for Christ “Let your light so shine”  Matthew 5:11

Anchor – The symbol of hope and steadfastness Hebrews 6:19 “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…”

Clover – Symbol of the Trinity. Legend has St. Patrick, when he evangelized Ireland and thus the clover, or shamrock, has become the emblem of Ireland. Another name for the three leafed clover is ‘Trefoil’. 

Lamp – Sheds light of wisdom and piety. The Word of Godas a lamp unto the faithful.

Shell The emblem for St. Augustine, who had a vision of a child (believed to be Christ) who told him that he could sooner empty the ocean with a shell than understand the Trinity. A symbol of baptism since the twelfth century, also a symbol for the pilgrim of Saint James.

Alpha and Omega  –  The first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet symbolizing that Jesus is the beginning and the end of all things Revelations 8:1

Triquetra and Circle  –  The Triquetra denotes the Blessed Trinity  combined with the Circle of Eternity  produces a symbol recalling several spiritual truths.