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Church Window Gallery

Sasabe Altar Window

Dedication of the Window, December 1992.

In the studio before soldering.

Located on the west wall, the altar window radiates color from the setting sun.
The reflection from the window halos the door through which the priest enters for mass.


Trumpet  – symbolizes the day of judgment, the resurrection and the call to worship.


Triquetra and Circle  –  The Triquetra denotes the Blessed Trinity combined with the Circle of Eternity  produces a symbol recalling several spiritual truths


Burning Torch  –  Signifies witnessing for Christ

“Let your light so shine”  Matthew 5:11


Alpha and Omega  –  The first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet symbolizing that Jesus is the beginning and the end of all things

Revelations 8:1

The Plaque reads:

“Given to God this 25th day of December 1992

In memory of my brother

To the greater glory of our Father”