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Church Window Gallery

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church


The Resurrection
A Memorial Window for a Beloved Husband

This door has over 900 pieces and is one of the most intricate of its kind. Each flower, mountain, tree and butterfly has been carefully chosen to support the overall theme of The Resurrection, as well as symbolizing many of our most beloved liturgical signs. The mountain range in the background is the skyline of the San Cayatanos as seen from the family’s back deck. In the butterfly wings, viewed from the Columbarium, is Charles E. Walters’ name designed in the wings.

There is a complete listing in the church files of all the various meanings of each item in the door: every flower, tree and symbol. A few are double symbols; the butterfly depicts the Resurrection and renewed life. It also symbolizes the Cherokee Nations, and Charles was part Cherokee. The Iris symbolizes Mary, Mother of Our Lord; Mr. Walters’ favorite saint and also represents Charles’ Dutch heritage. Almost hidden in the lower corner is the anchor, representing the church is the anchor of our lives and Charles Walters’ Navy history. There are many signs and symbols included in this door and when studied closely can be discovered. Also included, as hidden pictures, is a music note and a football, two favorite pastimes of Mr. Walters. These can be found among the flora and religious symbols. There are also other personal symbols hidden in the design lines.

The snowcapped mountains illustrate our trials and tribulations of life’s problems. As they melt away, they run into a waterfall, depicting the cleansing of ourselves, into the pond of eternal life.

The Resurrected Lamb of God stands triumphant over life and spans death with renewed life in the Resurrection.