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Sun Chimes™

Sun Chimes™ are designed to hang in trees.  They are made of stained glass and lead.  The bells are made of brass, but colored to match the lead.  The stars are Swarovski crystal.

Each piece swivels separately, so a breeze will turn the pieces to scatter color and refracted light. The clear bevels are prisms.

Sun Chimes™ can hang indoors or outside.  Be cautious not to hang them too close to a wall or post where the wind could blow them against a solid surface.  They are durable, but will break.

400 – Sun Chime
32” Long prox
$185.00 + $40 shipping



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Garden Banners

Garden Banners are a whimsical combination of stained glass, silver charms, open space and cut crystals, bordered by narrow zinc channels ending with the muted sound of brass bells tinkling softly in the wind. They are designed to hang outdoors on patios or in trees, avoiding any spots where the wind might blow them into any item, wall or tree trunk that could cause damage to the artwork.

The stained glass colors catch the sun and the crystals contribute prisms. Garden Banners can be ordered with your choice of small decorative charms to enhance the appeal. If the charms theme is in stock the construction of your choice of color and charms will not have an extended production time. If the charms need to be sought and ordered then the delivery time extends and occasionally a modest additional fee.

600 – Garden Banner
30” x 4”With Swarovski Crystals & Charms
$212.00 + $40 shipping



Additional Colors/Holidays
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Charms E thru Z
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Crescent Moon

This beautiful stained-leaded glass Crescent Moon can hang indoors or outside on patios or in a favorite tree. The Swarovski Crystal stars sparkle light as it swings gently in the breeze, however, make sure it can’t hit against something hard in a fierce wind.

840 – Crescent Moon
with 3 Swarovski Crystal Stars 10” Tip to Tip: 25” Outside Curve Dimension
$152.00 + $30 shipping

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